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RAJAR results for Q4 2007

The radio industry is reporting highs and lows as the final set of listening figures for 2007 are released today. Swansea Bay Radio, Seven FM, Brunel FM and Original 106.5 are reporting for the first time, whilst Hertbeat has dropped out of the survey.

Radio Today's team of reporters will bring you the news from around each group and major market at our special mini site at [link=http://rajar.radiotoday.co.uk]rajar.radiotoday.co.uk[/link]

Changes for Quarter 4 2007 include a new survey period for over a dozen stations including CN Radio, GMG Radio and The Local Radio Company. Diary name changes include TalkSPORT dropping Talk Radio (in brackets) from their entry, Time FM 107.3 changing to South London Radio 107.3 FM (South FM) and BBC Radio Cleveland changing to BBC Tees.

In a press announcement this week, RAJAR have already announced more than eight million people are listening to web-based radio services each week, with 12 million having sampled the medium at least once.

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