Ramadan RSL fails to log

A 28 day restricted service licence in Bristol has failed to provide recordings to Ofcom after two complaints were made against the station. Radio Ramadan said that it was unable to provide copies of the material broadcast, due to a technical failure of their recording equipment.

Ofcom received a complaint from a listener who was offended by comments made by presenters on two separate occasions. The regulator therefore requested recordings for the times and dates specified by the complainant. But with no recordings, the compaint could not be taken further.
It is a condition of a radio broadcaster’s licence that it has adequate procedures in place to ensure that it retains recordings of its output for 42 days and provides Ofcom with any material on request. Failure to supply the recordings for the 11 and 12 October 2007 is a serious and significant breach of Radio Ramadan’s licence, which will be held on record by Ofcom.
This is the third RSL station in 18 months which has failed to provide material to Ofcom following complaints. Hilltown FM in Dundee attracted four complaints about swearing during daytime and evening programmes in September 2007, and Féile FM in Belfast attracted a complaint from a listener when one of the presenters said the word "f'ing" on the radio during daytime hours in September 2006.

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