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Set Carbon Date with London Bar

A West End London bar has launched its own RSL radio station. Radio Carbon 87.7FM will be on air daily from 9am until 3am, between now and 3rd February,

Pete Fergusson, noted for being the UK’s youngest on air radio presenter as well as launching Virgin Megastore Radio and Topshop’s in-store radio station willpresent the afternoon show from 3-6pm weekdays. The evening show, from 6-9pm, will be hosted by presenters such as Ed Adoo, the voice of MTV Base and Ruth Barns, who has presented on the BBC and LBC.

Carbon Bar general manager Rachael Scollen said “Not only will we be providing W1 listeners with some great Carbon sounds, they’ll be given regular updates on community news, tubes, traffic as well as sales specials from Oxford Street and beyond. We’re also proud to be hosting the inaugural Open Decks Office DJ Championship on the 31st of January.”

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