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Size isn’t everything for Virgin

Virgin Radio is claiming to have created a new promotional technique in their latest campaign for Hollywood blockbuster I Am Legend.

The blipverts (very short promotional or advertising messages lasting just a few seconds) were placed within presenter links, between songs and programming, an initiative never before carried out on commercial radio.

The blipverts also parallel the film’s plot, where Will Smith’s character uses radio broadcasts to try to discover if he is the last human alive on planet earth.

The teaser campaign was followed up with extended top and tail adverts with further marketing messages about the film prior to its Boxing Day launch date.

Nick Hewat, Sales Director at Virgin Radio, added, “We continually try to push the boundaries to create truly memorable promotions for our clients. This is why we are widely considered to be at the forefront of promotional campaigns and the reason that our client return rates are the best in the business.”

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