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Swansea Bay to the rescue

An Australian couple whose european tour was plunged into chaos after the theft of their campervan in Swansea have been reunited with it thanks to Swansea Bay Radio. The station broadcast an appeal on the breakfast show, leading to the vehicle being found within two hours.

Swansea Bay Radio journalist Natalie Donovan said, "When I heard their campervan and personal belongings had been stolen, I felt we just had to help – after all that's what we're here for. We report on plenty of crimes, but not many have a happy ending like this – and so quickly!

"It's nice to know our listeners are willing to step up and help"

Brad said, "It's been a few days and I'd written it off. "I was working late in Currys at Llansamlet. We'd been saving up for quite a while for it. I went out one night at it was gone. "The people we're staying with suggested we get hold of Swansea Bay Radio, and it's obviously been worthwhile. "I'm just amazed it's not a complete wreck – all they appear to have stolen is our new Sat-Nav system, which we bought for the trip to Europe.

"The response has been phenomenal. The support we got from friends, colleagues at work and of course Swansea Bay Radio, just proves there are wonderful people out there"

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