WRN expands in Turkey

Transmission company WRN has finalised an agreement with a major FM network in Turkey to broker airtime on its behalf to international broadcasters and programme makers wishing to reach listeners across the country.

The network offers 28 relays in the west and south of the country with a major presence in four of Turkey’s five largest cities; Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Adana. The FM network can broadcast programmes in Turkish, English, French and German and already hosts regular shows from Deutsche Welle and Family Radio. Broadcasters are able to specify coverage across the entire network, regionally and even locally.
Marina Lois, WRN’s Product Development and Distribution Manager, says: “Our agreement with this FM network opens it up to any international broadcasters seeking to reach a substantial population in Turkey and is part of WRN’s strategy to develop FM and AM relay opportunities for international broadcasters in key global locations. These opportunities with WRN already include relays in Afghanistan, Israel, Argentina and several major American cities.”

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