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Bluetooth DAB set revealed

On a day when the radio industry is wondering about the future of digital radio in the UK, the world's first bluetooth headset accessory with a built in DAB radio is revealed.

The nanoDAB(tm) will work with any mobile phone and will be available world-wide from September 2008. It is on display at the 2008 Mobile World Congress which launched today in Barcelona.

The Technology Partnership has been working with digital radio broadcasters around the world to define new visual, interactive and download services for nanoDAB(tm). These new digital broadcast services will enable mobile phone users with the nanoDAB accessory to listen to digital radio and to view, navigate and store visual content, such as images, slides, music tracks and podcasts which are broadcast in association with radio stations.

Visual DAB services are a developing technology and expected to play a large part in the future of digital radio services.

Martin Orrell, general manager, digital media at TTP said: "nanoDAB will be a catalyst for the roll out of interactive visual digital radio services in a market where advertising on radio is under threat due to its lack of interaction. This technology's ability to support visual, interactive and download services using broadcast will be an important milestone for service providers and brands worldwide. TTP's proven expertise and enabling hardware and software technology behind nanoDAB will also be at the heart of many more services as the mobile broadcast interactive media market takes off around the world."

GCap Media, whilst annoucing they are to close two digital stations and their share in digital one, have just launched a new iPhone and iPod Touch interface allowing their radio stations to be streamed on the Apple device.

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