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Capital Radio on your iPhone

GCap Media has launched an iPhone and iPod Touch interface, with the option to listen live to a number of stations – with or without wifi coverage.

Until now, streaming radio to the iPhone and iPod Touch has not been available, with GCap's technology team claiming a world first. Streaming makes use of the on-board quicktime player and even works via o2's EDGE network (for iPhone owners) giving users an extra function of truely portable streaming radio.

Possibilities are endless – and GCap's new found technology could open up a whole new world of listening. In-car streaming using an iTrip could lead to internet radio whilst on the move.

The new interface at musicradio.com also lets users email the studio, visit station websites or download podcasts. Currently the station selection is limited to Capital 95.8, Xfm, Choice FM, Classic FM, theJazz, Planet Rock and Gold.

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