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MuxCo hopeful for Wales win

MuxCo Wales is the only bidder for the Mid & West Wales local digital radio multiplex licence, proposing to provide just three local services.

The multiplex will give Town and Country's Radio Pembrokeshire and Radio Carmarthenshire the opportunity to broadcast on DAB, along with the creation of a new service called Wales Live. Space will also be reserved for BBC Radio Wales & BBC Radio Cymru.

MuxCo plans to set up four transmitters to provide total outdoor coverage of 55.8 per cent of the adult population. And although there are only three commercial services planned, more stations are planned for the future: "Ideally we would also like to broadcast a number of additional stations in the area, both existing analogue and some new services too. Whilst we’ve had some good discussions with potential operators, we’re not yet in a place where we can guarantee that we will be bringing them to the area," Folder Media director Matt Deegan wrote on the MuxCo.com blog yesterday.

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