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Original’s yellow card lifted

Ofcom has carried out a second Sampling Report on CanWest MediaWork's Original 106 and has found the station now operating within Format.

Ofcom found the station guilty of exceeding the percentage of Top 20 hit singles that its Format permits it to play, particularly during daytime hours. The station is licenced as an adult alternative album led service, with "songs that are, or have been, in the Top 20 Chart to account for no more than 35 per cent of the station's output."

But since the yellow card was issued in October last year, Ofcom listened again at the end of last month and was happy with the station: "At the end of January 2008, we carried out a second three-day analysis of Original’s output, and found that, across a 24 hour period, the station was now within its permitted percentage of Top 20 hit singles. There was also a considerable reduction in the number of tracks that could not comfortably be described as “Adult Alternative”.

Original 106 was the first ever analogue licence in the UK to be awarded to an Adult Album Alternative format, but failed to gain the forcasted RAJAR results, and the original programme controller of the station, John Evington, left just a few weeks ago.

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