RAJAR admits data blooper

Audience research body RAJAR has owned up to an error which has caused hundreds of radio stations to receive incorrect listening figures for quarter 4, 2007. It's the first time the organisation, owned by the BBC and commercial radio sector has owned up to such a big mistake.

Whilst the majority of half-yearly reporting services are marginally affected, RAJAR say some will experience more significant changes when the results are re-issued later this week.
Results for services published on a Quarterly or Yearly basis are not affected. RAJAR has blamed a statistical weighting problem caused by the addition of a number of new stations in the last three months of 2007.
An email sent to stations today says: "RAJAR and RSMB (the contractor responsible for the processing of the survey ) would like to apologise to subscribers for any inconvenience caused by the need to re-issue results for Half-Yearly reporting stations. Additional automated checks have now been put in place to ensure that this error will not happen again."

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