Student chart hits community airwaves

A South Wales community radio station is set to become the first to broadcast a new student radio chart show.

Afan FM, which targets young people in Neath and Port Talbot, will broadcast the chart every Sunday starting on 2 March.
The chart, which is organised by the Student Radio Association, is compiled from submissions by Student Radio Stations based at Universities across the UK and will be hosted by a different Student Radio Station every week.
"We're delighted to be a part of the Student Radio Chart Network and to finally give our audience a chart that is relevant to them – charting the music that likeminded students across the UK have been listening to each and every week," said Craig Williams, Head of Music at Afan FM.
Whilst not a student station, Afan FM serves the 11-25 demographic in the Neath Port Talbot area – an area that boasts one of Wales' largest colleges.
Tim Johns, Marketing Officer at the Student Radio Association said: "This is an incredibly exciting time for the student radio community in the United Kingdom.
"Despite the huge number of student radio alumni working in influential positions within the UK's media industry, and over 70 student radio stations in the UK, public appreciation for the importance of student radio is incomparable to that of America or Europe, for example.
"The Student Radio Chart Show will not only improve this situation, but more importantly provide an outlet for music selected by the student population that does not always find a place on existing UK chart shows."

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