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The Ross Revenge returns

Radio Caroline is set to mark its 44th birthday this easter with four days of special programmes live from the radio ship Ross Revenge.

The weekend is going to be hosted by veteran presenters from Caroline’s second ship, the M.V. Mi Amigo, which sank in March 1980. All of the on-air team for the Easter weekend served on board between 1977 and 1980 and this is the first time they will have come together as a working team for 30 years.

Current Caroline presenters Roger Mathews, Bob Lawrence, Cliff Osbourne, and Martin Fisher will be joined by Brian Martin and Mike Stevens. Several colleagues from Holland including current Caroline presenters Ad Roberts, Marc Jacobs and Dick Verheul will also be part of the team. Other former crew members from the Mi Amigo Kees Borrell and Jeremy Chartham will also be on board.

Caroline’s Station Manager, Peter Moore said. “44 years ago Radio Caroline first appeared and changed the face of radio in this country. We always like to do something a bit special for our birthday and I’m really pleased that so many Presenters from our past are able to spare the time to make this Easter extra special.”

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