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The Wyre moves to Telford

Kidderminster's two-year-old local radio station 107.2 The Wyre is moving out of town for all programmes, with the exception of four hours per day. Mid-morning and drivetime will be hosted by Telford FM jocks using pre-recorded links.

The MNA-owned station will make use of staff at sister station Telford FM to host two shows at once, using what they describe as their "live record" feature enabling one presenter to be on air across the two stations.

Ofcom has granted permission for the co-location to take place, saying long-term listener advantages appear to outweigh any likely disenfranchisement, and the arrangements look logical both in economic and broadcasting terms.

107.2 The Wyre started broadcasting in September 2005 after winning a local radio licence from Ofcom in February of the same year.

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