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Aire Fought the Law, Aire Won

A complaint against Radio Aire's breakfast show by a local prison that dates back to 2006 has been dropped by Ofcom.

An employee of HMP Leeds had phoned the Simon Logan breakfast show in September 2006, to point out the station's travel helicopter had flown near or within the prison's restricted airspace.

The conversation was recorded by Logan and subsequently played out on air.

Governor Carlton Boyce claimed his employee was treated unfairly by the presenter and that her privacy had been infringed.

Reviewing the matter, the regulators could not find any evidence that the employee had been unfairly treated. Ofcom concluded that she believed the call had in fact been broadcast live. Since she had called a number only promoted for use in participating on air, they saw no reason for Radio Aire to assume the employee did not wish her comments to be broadcast.

The complaint has taken over 18 months to be resolved after it was referred to Ofcom's Executive Fairness Group.

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