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Fresh problems for Laser

Yorkshire station Fresh Radio spent most of last week broadcasting an old emergency back-up CD on their 1413 medium wave transmitter in Skipton, according to reports.

Skipton's local paper The Craven Herald also reported that a winding-up order for Fresh Radio Ltd was announced in the London Gazette, but owners Laser Broadcasting said a new company had been formed and there was no question of it going off air.

Operations director Stuart Linnell blamed last week's problems on technical difficulties, telling the newspaper: "We have had some technical issues, but they should all be behind us now." He went on to say: "As part of our switch from AM to FM at Fresh we are reviewing all our technical and transmitter arrangements and facilities with a view to ensuring that issues like this do not cause us a problem long-term."

The station carried on broadcasting regular programmes on other AM and FM transmitters around the Yorkshire Dales, whilst jingles and idents from 2001 played on 1413 medium wave in Skipton, where the station is based.

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