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International award for Alan

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston has been given an award for his outstanding contribution to BBC World Service, on the first anniversary of his kidnapping in Gaza. The award was presented by BBC television documentary presenter Michael Palin in Central London yesterday.

He spent 114 days in captivity and was released on Wednesday 4 July last year.

BBC World Service Director Nigel Chapman said: "Alan Johnston has worked across the range of BBC World Service output, both as an editor and a correspondent. He is a skilled all-round journalist with a talent for words; he has never shied away from the toughest assignments. His passport has stamps in it from Tashkent, Kabul and many parts of the Middle East.

"He has extraordinary personal qualities. After his release from captivity in Gaza, he was calm and focused enough to report his own story in an unforgettable way. He later wrote a memorable and beautifully crafted essay for our programme, From Our Own Correspondent. His reporting is always of the highest class."

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