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Photo Special – HBA Awards

The volunteers at Hospital Radio Plymouth were announced as Station of the Year at Saturday night's annual award ceremony. The event, which took place at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds also saw the special John Whitney Award presented to 80-year-old Connal Cather for his dedication and hard work at the Plymouth station.

The awards are part of the Hospital Broadcasting Association's annual spring conference, and included a trade fair for industry suppliers such as PSquared, Sonifex and Blue Revolution. IRN's Jon Godal hosted the event, with video inserts from hospital radio ambassador Sir Terry Wogan.
The full list of winners are:

[b]Male Presenter of the Year[/b] – Tom Foster, Chelmsford Hospital Radio

[b]Female Presenter of the Year [/b]- Diane Clarke, Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells

[b]Special Event[/b] – Hospital Radio Basingstoke

[b]IRN Best Speech Package[/b] – Hospital Radio Perth

[b]Best Newcomer[/b] – Sarah Williams, Winchester Hospital Radio

[b]Best Specialist Music Programme[/b] – Radio Cherwell (Oxford)

[b]Best Sports Output[/b] – Radio Cherwell (Oxford)

[b]Station Promo or Trailer[/b] – Valley Park Radio (Dartford)

[b]HBA Volunteer of the Year[/b] – Matt Wade, Chelmsford Hospital Radio

[b]Special Award for Outstanding Contribution[/b] – Sunshine Radio

[b]The John Whitney Award[/b] – Connal Cather, Plymouth Hospital Radio

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