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Radica gets WIND FM order

Radica Broadcast Systems has sold a Davicom MAC Telemetry system to WIND FM, a station owned by the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company in Mongolia.

The unit will be used at WIND FM's Ulaanbaatar studios. The entire radio station construction project is being funded through donations. Finnish volunteers with the help of local labour are building it from the ground up.

Alan Brown, Radica’s managing director said, “We are delighted to have been chosen to supply equipment to FEBC, especially to such an exciting new studio project. The Davicom MAC is ideal for use in such a remote country as it enables engineers to gather information and control equipment fro anywhere in the world.”

The Davicom MAC Telemetry System is designed for use at transmitter sites and studios. It can read all of the important information from local equipment including audio, room temperature, forward and reflected power, etc. and make it available anywhere via the Internet, GSM or phone.

FEBC broadcasts to over two billion people from over 120 transmitters in the Far East.

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