Radio Lynx offers Airbus audio

The world’s biggest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, makes its first commercial landing at Heathrow airport tomorrow, and on board will be a team from Radio Lynx Content recording content for distribution to radio news desks and programming departments throughout the UK.

Radio Lynx Content has been appointed by Singapore Airlines to create instant audio recording that radio stations can use on air and on-line. The content will be extremely high quality and available for release within an hour of the Airbus landing.
Steve Leavesley, Radio Lynx content director explains, “Thanks to our modern radio technology and the speed of the internet, listeners and viewers will be able to hear and see this unique event just one hour after it has happened – faster than if they waited to hear about it on the evening news bulletins. The Airbus flight is due to land at 13.05pm at Heathrow and we will have audio and video streams available for down-load by 4.00pm.”
Radio Lynx Content will be able to direct email or FTP audio to stations and newsrooms. In addition, the content can be downloaded at [link=][/link]. Stations interested in the audio/video or those wanting to make specific question requests can contact Ed Clarke at Radio Lynx Content via or phone him on 020 7349 2022.

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