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Big money from the Big City

Bauer's Big City network is launching a new on-air promotion which includes giving away one thousand pounds a day on each station. A major marketing push is also planned.

The one-thousand-pound-song promotion is a one million pounds campaign including an integrated marketing blitz incorporating TV, outdoor, buses, direct mail and online and ambient media.

The marketing creative was devised by independent Manchester agency BJL and uses The Sound of Money as the basis for the concept which playfully combines slang words for money with Big City playlist artists so Kaiser Chiefs become Cashier Chiefs, Snow Patrol becomes Dough Patrol and Kanye West becomes Kanye Wedge.

Steve Parkinson, Bauer Radio’s marketing director, said: “Over the coming year one of Bauer Radio’s key priorities will be to continue reinforcing our relationships with our strong local audiences by creating innovative and exciting ways of driving increased listening. This creates the dual winning situation of delivering advertisers both highly targeted local audiences alongside large scale combined audiences across the UK’s major conurbations.

“We’ve created a simple but fun promotion which highlights the importance we place on great music whilst creating scores of winners at every station, adding up to hundreds of winners across the UK.”

The ‘£1,000 Song’ promotion offers listeners at every participating station the chance to win £1,000 everyday and will run throughout the spring across Bauer’s leading heritage local stations including Key 103 in Manchester, Radio City in Liverpool, Clyde 1 in Glasgow, Metro Radio in Newcastle and Leeds-based Radio Aire.

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