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Galaxy changes made official

Ofcom have granted Global Radio's request to increase the number of hours during which their Galaxy stations can broadcast network programming. However Galaxy in Birmingham will still have to carry different programming throughout the day, to stay within the terms of its format.

The regulators published their decision on the format changes earlier today, two days after Global had announced its plans to network the stations between 10am and 4pm on weekdays. Only breakfast and drive will be broadcast locally from each station.

Ofcom allowed the changes to be made, which included an increase in specialist music hours from 16 to 26 per week, on the basis that the character of the stations would not be substantially altered.

It was made clear that because Galaxy Birmingham format is markedly different to those of the other stations in the network – the service must reflect black culture in the TSA – it must reflect this difference in some way other than music during daytimes, suggesting locally originated content will have to be present.

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