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Google Radio heads to London

Google's radio automation software, currently debuting at the NAB in Las Vegas is heading to London for the NAB Europe later this year. Delegates from around Europe will be able to see the software in action for the first time in the UK, ahead of Google's plan to enter the UK radio market.

Google has made no secret that it plans to offer Audio Ads beyond the current USA market, and combined with their own radio software, the task of doing so becomes easier.

Radio stations in the UK will no doubt be able to sign up for AdSense for Audio, in the same way a webmaster can sign up for placing adverts on a website. Adsense for Audio uses spare inventory to fill ad breaks.

[link=http://www.google.com/radioautomation]Google Radio Automation[/link] is the next generation of Google's existing Maestro and SS32 products, and comes on a server called MK-14, which has removable hard-drives and supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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