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Lincs creates Yorkshire deal

The Lincs FM Group have launched a new regional sales division, representing Dearne FM, Ridings FM, Rother FM and Trax FM, to be known as the White Rose Radio Network.

Covering the Groups four Yorkshire stations, Yorkshire’s brand new radio sales network broadcasts to over one million adults, with a totally flexible approach to radio advertising across South and West Yorkshire.

White Rose Radio Network gives the opportunity for regional clients and agencies to target either all four stations, or a selection of stations, with all the benefits of flexible budgeting and unique creative opportunities for clients.

Jeff Harwood, deputy chief executive for the Lincs FM Group commented on the launch, “We are really excited with the opportunity to now offer clients and agencies a regional radio advertising service for the first time with extensive coverage across South and West Yorkshire.”

Barnsley Building Society are the first major business committing to a advertising and sponsorship deal. Staff at local branches are even wearing t-shirts with individual station logo’s on.

Dave Stankler, head of network Sales for White Rose said,” Our service delivers a unique opportunity to target the whole region or individual towns and cities across Yorkshire, and Barnsley Building Society saw the benefits of our flexible advertising opportunities. It is great to have them on board in partnership from day one with such a powerful campaign and look forward to working with the team to deliver their marketing objectives.”

Samantha Cameron Carruthers, marketing manager for Barnsley Building Society said, “We are delighted to have joined forces with the new White Rose Radio Network launching on all four stations, which reflects the locations of our branch network.

Bob Staveley, one of Dearne FM’s senior sales executives has proposed radio advertising opportunities for us over a period of time, and now with the launch of White Rose Radio Network we can see the overwhelming benefits of this exciting regional sales opportunity."

Barnsley Building Society is a heritage brand across the region, known for servicing our customer’s financial needs since 1853, and this is reflected in the sensitive yet dramatic creativity which we are using”.

To find our more about White Rose Radio Network, you can contact Dave Stankler via sales@whiteroseradio.co.uk or call 01226 321 733.

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