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Listeners create Magic TV ad

Magic 105.4's latest television commercial has been made using images sent in by listeners. The user-generated Magic Good Mood Film starts this week.

Throughout March, Magic 105.4’s DJs, including breakfast host Neil Fox, appealed for listeners to submit photographs which made them smile. The online link clicked through to a microsite and a slide show giving a taster of the part finished ad.

The shots were turned into two 30-second ‘Magic Good Mood Film” TV commercials by St. Luke’s and its sister company the digital agency Ramp Industry which developed the photo album microsite.

The images create a Magic Good Mood Film montage explaining that the music is from Magic and the photographs are from the listeners with the creative leading to the endline: “Lift your mood, change your tune”.

Sarah Hyatt-Williams, Magic 105.4 Head of Marketing, said: “We are incredibly proud of how Magic’s unique music mix can lift your mood and we’re delighted to have this innovative and creative opportunity to allow our listeners to share their ‘good mood moments’ too. Our listeners have embraced the UGC idea with a passion. In just two weeks the microsite received more than 3,000 photos and 95,000 page impressions.”

The campaign will broadcast on terrestrial and satellite TV.

Alan Young, Creative Partner at St. Luke’s, added: “We’ve been developing this theme of lifting your mood with our campaign for the past year and it’s resonated with Magic’s audience. We wanted to create a collective experience for our listeners as part of that theme’.

Andy Crysell, Managing Director of Ramp Industry comments, “This is a great example of co-creation, one that makes a proper link between brand and audience. By using user-generated content as the social currency to provide an easy connection and dialogue with the brand, we've turned it into something real and actionable for Magic listeners.”

The music for the two films will be “Lost” by Michael Buble and a new artist Doug Walker in a preview to his debut album to be released later this year.

Watch the first ad by clicking [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/autogallery.php?show=Movies%2FMagic_TV_Ad.mov]here[/link].

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