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Management axed at Splash FM

Splash FM's board have made a desicion to run the station without a managing director or programme conroller following an extraordinary general meeting. MD David Atkey is said to have retired whilst PC Simon Osborne has been made redundent.

The loss of jobs are part of cost-cutting exercise by the board, and were blamed on tough trading conditions, local newspaper The Argus reported.

A suggestion was made to merge Spash with neighbouring station Bright FM in Burgess Hill and co-locate the two.

Former BBC presenter David Hamilton is Splash FM's major shareholder at 25 per cent. He [link=http://www.theargus.co.uk/search/display.var.2161873.0.lossmaking_splash_jobs_axed.php]told[/link] the newspaper: "The last couple of years have been pretty tough for commercial radio generally. There are not many stations in the country which are actually making money.

"Splash has been an excellent radio station, and industry regulators Ofcom cited us as a good example of a well-run station.

"But we have yet to make any money. We are five years old in May and we want to run a successful business."

Jim Brathwaite, the station chairman offered to resign if anybody felt unhappy with the way things were going, but nobody voted in favour.

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