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Nationals to promote in-car DAB

Virgin Radio, talkSPORT, Planet Rock and Classic FM are just some of the high-profile radio stations promoting the benefits of in-car DAB listening this summer.

It's part of a quarter of a million pound promotion with the plug and play in-car digital radio set, the PURE Highway. The co-marketing campaign is taking place in the months leading up to 2008’s "summer of sport".

Says Yat Wong-Jones, buyer, audio & telecoms, John Lewis: "Highway has been really motoring along since its launch. Our customers particularly like its ease of use and fantastic value for money. The knowledge that it’s going to be easy to install really makes a difference to potential buyers".

Colin Crawford, director of marketing, PURE continues: "Reports from within the industry suggest that sales of in-car DAB radios have significantly increased since Highway’s launch in November last year. We are convinced that Highway is kick-starting the in-car DAB market and this promotion will be the next step in raising consumer awareness that DAB is here for cars now; it’s easy and it works."

Paul Brown, acting chief executive, Digital Radio Development Bureau says: "Almost all sport on radio in the UK used to be broadcast only on AM; Highway enables listening to sport in superior sound quality on DAB only stations such as Five Live Sports Extra and talkSPORT. We believe Highway, with its in-car and personal audio capability will be a big driver towards better sports listening this summer."

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