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New podcast and show for Solent

A new podcast and weekly Friday night programme all about water have been introduced at BBC Radio Solent, with sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

The H2O show will offer listeners all they need to know whether they spend their time on the water or in it, at the time they need it – a Friday night when they are planning their weekend. Whether it is weather forecasts, sporting events, "what's on" information or what vessel is expected in port, listeners will be able to find it on H2O.

Speaking before the launch of the H20 Show, Sir Robin said: "Boating has got to be one of the biggest sports in Hampshire, it's a major activity for people, but the coverage has been limited so far. So I am really looking forward to it, and making it available as a podcast really will open up the programme to people unable to listen live on a Friday night.

"The show will be about any activity on or in the water, we want to talk to anyone who goes afloat. And you won't have to be an expert. We want to include information that is useful whether your livelihood is on the water or it it's just how you spend your leisure time. For example as well as updating you on sea conditions we could also be taking a look at how you get started in kayaking. It will be a programme that anyone can listen to – we want to encourage people's interest. It is all about accessibility."

Radio Solent managing editor Mia Costello explained the new show has been developed with the help of local water sports enthusiasts and experts:

"We invited in a group of people from the Solent area who had an interest in water activities and asked them what they wanted to hear. This ranged from general information to what's on in the Solent that weekend – and the H2O show on a Friday evening is the result.

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