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PHOTOS: Radio Academy Quiz

Staff from Macclesfield station 106.9 Silk FM were handed their Nations and Regions award on Tuesday night at a Radio Academy social event in central Manchester.

The handing over of the Sony award, given to one station in each region with a TSA under 300,000, was part of a music and radio quiz held at Tiger Tiger in the city hosted by Anthony Crank of BBC Radio Manchester and Channel 4 fame.

Six teams from radio stations around the north west took part, with a combined team from BBC Radio Lancashire, GMG Radio and Rossendale Radio answering the most questions correctly. Xfm and Key 103 came third and second place.

For exclusive photos from the event, click [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/autogallery.php?show=Radio+Academy+North+West+Social]here[/link].

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