Ridings FM moves to Barnsley

Wakefield's local radio station Ridings FM is on the move to co-locate with Dearne FM in Barnsley. Permission has been granted by Ofcom, even though the station is above the 250,000 population guideline as set out in the regulators consultation statement on co-location agreements.

Ofcom says the licensee makes a good case for cultural affinity between the areas, and that the distances between the two are small.
Owners Lincs FM have also set out the financial picture involving both stations to convince Ofcom to allow the move.
No programme sharing has been requested at this stage, so Ofcom has agreed to the request.
Ofcom said [i]both stations are highly localised and it is felt the co-location arrangement would not jeopardise this, or, indeed, lead to a significant change to output.[/i]

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