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Stephen Tompkinson on Radio 2

Brassed Off and Wild at Heart star Stephen Tompkinson is to present a four part series on BBC Radio 2, about the UK’s love affair with brass bands and brass music.

The story has been created and produced by Made in Manchester Productions, and marks the first series commission for the indie by Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas.

Made in Manchester Productions’ creative director Ashley Byrne says: “Brass bands have played a major part in British culture for almost two hundred years and this series will be a lively celebration of all things brass.

“From their early roots to the competitiveness of brass banding, it’ll all be in there. We’ll also be examining the influence of brass bands in our social and political history and on our popular culture – in film and TV scores and of course in popular music. We’ll also be looking at how brass is enjoying something of a renaissance in some parts of the country with younger generations developing new brass band sounds.”

Those featuring in the series include Terry Wogan, Dana, veteran actor Tony Booth, film and TV composer Nigel Hess, former Labour leader Neil Kinnock and international cricket umpire Dickie Bird.

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