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Time to wake up to DAB

Recent sales figures show nearly half a million DAB digital radio sets were sold in the first quarter of 2008, with DAB now accounting for half of all clock-radio sales by value.

This means a sales growth of 28 per cent year on year, with the cumulative sales of DAB radio sets at the end of March standing at 6.94 million.

At the MediaGuardian.co.uk Radio Reborn conference on Monday, DRDB acting chief executive Paul Brown said: “DAB digital radio came under fire earlier this year following announcements of withdrawal from the medium by GCap Media and the loss of several national DAB services. However, consumer, retailer and manufacturer confidence in DAB remains high as these figures demonstrate. That confidence is supported by the radio industry which is working together to ensure the future DAB landscape remains an attractive proposition for listeners.”

The sales figures and information is supplied by GfK, the industry’s marketing service, and promoted by the Digital Radio Development Bureau.

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