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TLRC networks weekend breakfast

The Local Radio Company is to reduce the number of local programmes at weekends at over 20 stations, with the introduction of a networked breakfast show and sports programme. Stations will continue to broadcast local news from 8am till 1pm both days, and include up to four local inserts per hour.

Danny Matthews, who joined the company to present weekday breakfast on Dune FM, will host 6am – 10am Saturday and Sunday, whilst Tim West, breakfast presenter on Alpha 103.2 will host each Saturday from 2pm till 6pm.

Some stations, such as Sun FM, 2BR, Spire FM, The Quay and Wessex FM will remain local during Saturday afternoon to cover local sport. Fire, Brunel FM and Central FM are excluded from the plans for any of the extra programmes.

It is thought the majority of presenters losing their programmes are freelance, but TLRC are keen to re-schedule people elsewhere in the schedule.

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