UTV move questioned by Ofcom

Ofcom have published details of UTV's request to move Stockport station Imagine FM out of its TSA to Warrington.
The regulators believe the request would "substantially alter the character of the service" and have launched a public consultation.

UTV had requested to co-locate Imagine FM to its hub of stations in Warrington, where 102.4 Wish FM, 107.2 Wire FM and Tower FM all currently broadcast from.
Guidelines on relocation were drawn up by Ofcom to take into account the pressures on smaller stations operating stand-alone services. However these were to apply to stations broadcasting in TSAs of 250,000 adults.
Imagine FM broadcasts to 463,000 adults, which is 85% higher than the maximum threshold set by the regulators.
Ofcom has agreed to look at the request and commissioned a public consultation. Respondents have until 5pm on 1st May to share their views on the matter.

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