Bauer kiss Kiss goodbye

Ofcom has approved a request by Bauer Radio to flip the formats of 21 local digital services, to Magic.
Kiss has been dropped from 12 multiplexes while Smash Hits has been dropped from 9, as the soft AC format is rolled out across the UK.

Magic will be dominant in Scotland on local multiplexes in Ayr, Dundee.Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, putting the brand in direct competition with Bauer's established services such as Forth 2 and Clyde 2.
Ofcom also approved Bauer's request to change the format of Smash Hits in Central Scotland, although the new format is yet to be decided. Industry commentators have speculated that Global Radio may rebrand GCap's XFM, available in the same transmission area, as Galaxy once their buyout of GCap is completed next month.
The format changes took effect earlier this week.

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