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BBC rules the radio roost

The BBC are running away with listening across the UK, according to the latest audience figures. Listening to the BBC now accounts for nearly 57 per cent, compared to commercial radio listening which has dropped to 41 percent.

Nationally, both Radio 1 and Radio 2 has seen significant increases in reach and hours.

Radio 1 has increased its reach quarter-on-quarter from 10.69 million listeners to 11.07 million, with an increase in total hours of over five million. Meanwhile Radio 2 has increased reach from 12.82 million to 13.63 million and increased total hours by over 10 million.

Radio 3 lost over 150,000 while Radio 4 added nearly 300,000 listeners and nearly six million hours. Five Live's reach remained steady at 6.02 million but increased total hours by over 1.2 million.

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