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GCap suffers heavy losses

GCap have lost nearly eight million hours of listening in the past three months, according to the latest audience figures.

Just a week after announcing weekday daytime networking, The One Network has recorded losses of three million listening hours, while GCap's Gold network lost nearly 20 per cent of its audience and nearly two million listening hours.

While BRMB, Hereward FM, Leicester Sound all recorded increases in hours, the majority of stations saw drops in reach, hours or both. GWR lost over a million hours, nearly a quarter of it's listening. 2-Ten FM also suffered losses in hours of 25 per cent.

Nationally, Classic FM enjoyed enjoyed a slight increase in reach but suffered a blow to its listening hours, which dropped by nearly four million.

Choice FM in London proved a success however, increasing reach to 544,000 and adding nearly three quarters of a million hours.

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