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GCap to sell Sky channels

GCap media is continuing to rid themselves of digital outlets by offering for sale two of their Sky Digital EPG slots.

It is expected the channels currently used by theJazz and possibly FUN Radio will be sold to the highest bidder.

Gcap wants to off load the costs of £21,000 per annum each, and £25,000 per annum for the capacity costs per channel and said they will sell the premium slots, which are situated towards the front of the radio section to whoever offers the most money in addition to the fixed costs.

theJazz closed at the end of march as part of digital cut backs by new boss Fru Hazlitt, and FUN Radio was removed from local multiplexes in Essex, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Dorset, Cardiff, Kent and Sussex in January, leaving them in London alone.

Interested parties have until 17:00 on Friday 16th May 2008 to make an offer.

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