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Presenter says I Do on-air

Gemma Dee, one half of Rock FM's breakfast show and currently living in a shop window in Preston for the station's latest charity event, has said yes to her partner who proposed live on-air.

The other half of the breakfast show, main host Adam Caterall, pictured above, is also living in a shop window in Blackburn town centre.

The Rock FM breakfast co-host originally lost the daily challenge 'All Night Long' on Sunday. She had to collect five random items from the public before her co-presenter, Adam Catterall – including a tortoise, a signed football, a bride-to-be, a person who could play the A-Team theme tune on a trumpet and a Lionel Ritchie vinyl album.

As Gemma was struggling to find a bride-to-be in Preston, Adam said he would surrender his win if Gemma’s boyfriend proposed to her, making her the bride-to-be. Gemma’s boyfriend, Shaun, jumped at the chance and proposed live on air, in front of the huge crowd that had gathered outside her window.

As Adam’s forfeit for losing, The Hywel and Jamie Experience was broadcast live from his window until 2am, which didn’t leave Adam long to get some sleep before his own show started at 6am.

Gemma said: “Being in this window 24/7 has been a real challenge so far, but one of the main issues is that I miss Shaun so much. When Adam suggested that Shaun proposed, I never thought for one minute that he would. Not long after, Shaun disappeared and all our families started gathering at the window. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee, with a gorgeous ring from Ernest Jones, asking me to be his wife.

Nikki Murray, marketing manager, said: “Gemma has been a fantastic ‘prisoner’, taking everything that we throw at her with tremendous grace. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is being in the window for five minutes, let alone 24 hours a day! But she is committed to the cause and I know that she will continue until she raises the money the kids so desperately need. Yesterday's proposal was a shock to us all but the station are delighted for them and hope that they can be reunited really soon to celebrate!"

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