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Sexy name change for Magic

Magic 105.4 is to become Sex and the City FM for a whole week, starting Monday 19th, to promote the release of the new movie Sex and the City this Friday.

The name change, part of a £20,000 promotion entitled ‘Sex and the City’s Gorgeous Giveaway’, featuring hourly rounds of trivia on the characters, New York, fashion, cocktails and nightlife.

Promotional activity will also include five daily Sixty Seconds of Sex in the City features, where one-minute clips from the movie will give an insight into the hectic love-lives of the films four central characters, evoking nostalgia for fans and encouraging new viewers to see the movie.

Karen Stacey, Broadcast Sales Director, Bauer Advertising: “We are delighted to be working with the new movie Sex and the City. This partnership has allowed us to demonstrate Magic 105.4’s ability to offer creative that will truly engage our listeners whilst driving audiences to see the movie.”

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