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Wolverhampton licence available

The Wolf's licence to broadcast to Wolverhampton has become available to any other interested company. The current licence is helf by Wolverhampton Area Radio Limited and is due to expire on 6 October 2009.

Declarations of intent and a fee of £5,000 from prospective licence applicants are due by 3.00pm on Thursday 5 June 2008.

A declaration of intent must also be accompanied by payment of a deposit of £20,000 which will be refundable upon receipt by Ofcom of a valid application in response to the subsequent re-advertisement of this licence.

If the only declaration of intent submitted is from the existing licensee, Ofcom will then invite Wolverhampton Area Radio Limited to reapply for the licence. If a declaration of intent is received from any party in addition to, or rather than, the existing licensee, they will proceed to re-advertise the licence.

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