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Farewell to SMG

Another radio group has ceased to exist today, with SMG is changing its name to stv Group. The rebrand marks the company's focus on Scottish television and the end of its association with Virgin Radio.

SMG grew out of the STV central Scotland franchise in the 1990s, buying the Grampian ITV franchise and other media assets, including Virgin Radio. Earlier this month Virgin Radio was sold, a deal due to be completed within the week. The national AM station, which will be rebranded with an as-yet unknown name, will be managed by Clive Dickens and the Absolute Radio group.

SMG chief executive Rob Woodward told The Guardian: "Our core TV business is outperforming and I am confident that the strategy we are executing in regional advertising, content and digital media will deliver significant growth."

"The new name we propose, stv Group, reflects the company's focus and uniqueness in the Scottish media market."

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