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Full Radio Festival programme

As part of our coverage of the Radio Festival in Glasgow, RadioToday.co.uk presents the full programme of events, from Foot in the Door to Fighting Talk.


9.15am – [b]Techcon[/b]

12.30pm – [b]Foot in the Door[/b]

5.00pm – Registration for all guests

6.30pm – [b]The GMG Debate: This House….Likes it Local[/b]

[i]Chair: Sally Magnusson.
For the motion: Pat Loughrey, Director of BBC Nations & Regions, Pat Kane, Media consultant and one half of Hue and Cry and Stewart Lochhead, Chair, Leith FM.
Against the motion: Anvar Khan, author, broadcaster and journalist, Robert Beveridge, lecturer, Napier University Edinburgh, and Peter Curran, writer and broadcaster.[/i]


8.30am – Registration

9.00am – Formal Opening from festival host Jeremy Vine

9.10am – [b]Digital Radio Working Group[/b]
[i]The Digital Radio Working Group has been working for 8 months to produce recommendations to DCMS and OFCOM on the future direction for radio, and in particular, on how to secure radio’s digital future. Today they reveal their interim findings and take questions from the floor.
Barry Cox (DRWG), Mark Friend (BBC Audio & Music), Peter Davies (Ofcom), Laurence Harrison (Intellect), John Mottram (DCMS)[/i]

10.00am – [b]The View From Out Here[/b]
[i]The Guardian’s director of digital content, Emily Bell, canvases the views of media movers and shakers including Peter Bazalgette and Alan Rusbridger to find out what the future holds for the Radio industry. Whatever the opposite of navel gazing is, this session provides it in spades.[/i]

10.45am – [b]Festival Factoid 1: Hey Mr DJ Put a Record on![/b]
[i]Radio and music have always gone hand in hand but both industries are currently facing unprecedented change. In light of this, RadioCentre commissioned new research to explore this evolving relationship further. Revealed for the first time at the Radio Festival, hear how radio and music fits into the lives of four distinct groups of music consumers.[/i]

11.00am – Refreshments

11.30am – [b]Who Pays The Digital Piper?[/b]
[i]As sales of music continue to decline, the copyright collection agencies are looking for new revenue streams. We're hearing the word 'usage'. What might this mean to the radio industry? Are we entering the second battle of needletime? With Peter Leathem (PPL), Andrew Shaw (PRS).[/i]

12.15pm – [b]Music Radio – The Future[/b]
[i]Music radio faces increasing and improving competition, not just from other radio stations but from a whole range of new platforms, technologies and brands. At the same time station budgets are tighter, music is becoming devalued and the record industry is in turmoil. So what are the secrets of successfully programming a music radio station in these challenging times, and what can we learn from our new competitors? Taking part is Francis Currie (First Person Limited), Laura Roberts (Sparkler), John Simons (GMG Radio), Clive Dickens (Virgin, Absolute), George Ergatoudis (BBC Radio 1)[/i]

1.00pm – [b]Festival Factoid 2: What Presenters Think of Their Managers[/b]
[i]The presentation team is ultimately at the sharp end of the business- talking to your listeners and largely accountable for maintaining or building audience loyalty. Are we giving them the right tools for the trade? – are we loving them too much or too little?[/i]

1.15pm – Lunch

2.15pm – [b]Comply Or Die[/b]
[i]Former Director of BBC Radio Matthew Bannister talks to 4 people sacked for breaking compliance. Quizzes were taken off air, producers and managers were sacked, and compliance was strengthened. But is regulation’s growing stranglehold now killing creativity?[/i]

2.55pm – [b]BBC School Report winners presentation[/b]
[i]This annual multimedia project engages 11-14 year olds with news by enabling them to make and broadcast their own reports. Teachers help students learn to find, research and compile news, supported by free resources and mentors. On School Report News Day schools simultaneously “broadcast” their news on school websites, linked to www.bbc.co/schoolreport . Students’ work is featured on BBC national, regional and local news programmes. Nearly 300 schools took part in 2007/8, the second year of the project. With Trevor Dann (Radio Academy) and Helen Shreeve (BBC School Report)[/i]

3.00pm – [b]Diversity – Time To Wake Up[/b]
[i]Daniel Owen, deputy chair of the Radio Industry Diversity Group, explores the moral argument and the business case for encouraging on and off-air diversity in radio with Elaine Williams, Mark Story, and Lorna Clarke. Political correctness or commercial imperative? Hear about some of the practical and pragmatic benefits from making your workforce more diverse. With Daniel Owen (Rulebook Consulting Ltd), Elaine Williams (Radio Academy), Mark Story (Bauer Radio), Lorna Clarke (BBC 1Xtra) and Adil Ray (BBC Asian Network)[/i]

3.45pm – Radio Remembers

3.50pm – Refreshments

4.15pm – What’s The Radio Academy Ever Done For Us?
[i]Trevor Dann with a brief update on the work of the Academy in the past year.[/i]

4.20pm – [b]Community Radio – The Story So Far[/b]
[i]Community Radio is held in low esteem by ‘mainstream’ broadcasters but claims to fill niches which are ignored by them. Two years into their first license, three of Glasgow’s community stations are joined by the city’s newest licensee to challenge the notion that community radio is amateurish nonsense, produced by (and for) anoraks. How do they operate day-to-day in a city with a market so crowed it has run out of FM slots? With Duncan Campbell (Radio Forth), Yvonne Milne (Insight Radio), Bob McWilliam (Celtic Music Radio), Javed Sattar (Awaz FM), Raymond Weir (Pulse FM).[/i]

5.00pm -[b] ‘Radio’ Fighting Talk[/b]
[i]Hosted by Colin Murray, with John Myers, Phil Riley, Scottie McClue, plus a TBC![/i]

5.30pm – Close

7.15pm – Drinks reception

8.00pm – The Gala Dinner in the magnificent Old Fruitmarket. Followed by the Festival Club at Arta with live music.


8.30am – Registration & Refreshments

9.10am – [b]Winehouse or White House? Do we go too big on showbiz news?[/b]
[i]A high-profile panel of editors from the BBC and commercial radio debate just how much prominence we should give to entertainment news. Is it right that Britney's latest antics lead a news bulletin? Is Amy Winehouse smoking crack more important than the race to become US president? Some of the top names in radio will be asked to justify their decisions. With Rod McKenzie (R1 Newsbeat), James Rea (GMG), Jeff Zycinski (BBC Scotland), and Beverley Lyons (The Daily Record). The Chair is Vanessa Feltz (BBC London).[/i]

9.50am – [b]Speech Radio – The Future[/b]
[i]A third of the UK tune into them every week and new local and national commercial ones are keen to challenge the BBC – but where will the speech format be in five years? Are podcasts growing a new generation of speech fans, do we really need to bother with balance and should speech services be more niche propositions, like the music radio counterparts? Radio’s heavy hitters weigh in on their vision for speech radio’s future.[/i]

10.30am – [b]A Good Face For Radio[/b]
[i]Industry pros will be juggling crystal balls to try and navigate the future for visual radio. Will it mean endless hours of presenters famous for their hideous looks pressing buttons? Is it likely to be seen as yet more unwanted clutter? Could it be turning great radio into terrible TV? Or will it in fact herald a new dawn for radio, offering audiences an exciting platform to received deeply rich content that perfectly compliments their listening habits?
The Chair is Sam Steele (Channel 4 Radio) with Ben Chapman (1Xtra & Radio 1 Interactive), Anthony Thornton (IPC Media), Nick Piggott (GCap Media).[/i]

11.10am – Refreshments

11.40am – [b]Festival Factoid 3 – Podcasting doesn’t kill broadcasting[/b]
[i]What are the effects of podcasting and ‘listen again’ on traditional linear listening patterns? [/i]

11.50am – [b]You Ask The Questions[/b]
[i]BBC Media correspondent Torin Douglas puts your questions and a few of his own to a panel of radio industry ‘heavyweights'. With Andrew Harrison (RadioCentre) and Tony Moretta (DRDB).[/i]

12.30pm – [b]Evan Davis[/b]
[i]The BBC's former economic correspondent has swapped one dragons' den for another – BBC Radio 4's Today programme. What are his first impressions?[/i]

1.15pm – Close – home time!

[The above is based on the excellent information available at [link=http://www.radiofestival.co.uk]radiofestival.co.uk[/link] and we recommend you visit for even more information.]

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