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Thief hits Radio Pembrokeshire

Pedr the Puffin, Radio Pembrokeshire’s long-serving mascot is recovering after a traumatic day at and outside broadcast in Milford Haven. Pedr is thought to be safe and well after a group of men ripped off his costume and ran off.

After numerous appeals made on Radio Pembrokeshire during the day, Pedr’s costume has now been returned anonymously to the local Police Station.

Pedr will now be able to return to his role representing the station at local events.

102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire’s Programme Manager Ed Goddard said: "After the theft, occurring in broad daylight, and our on-air appeal we’re grateful for the massive response and show of support from our listeners. We’re delighted that Pedr’s been returned to us but shocked that anyone in our beautiful County would want to steal our mascot in the first place."

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