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Three more stations for Leicester

Ofcom has awarded three more community radio stations, all in Leicester. EAVA FM, Demon FM and Kohinoor will serve East Afrians, students and Asians respectively.

EAVA stands for the East African Voice Association and will serve East Africans in Leicester, aiming to socially develop, inform and entertain this community.

Demon FM is based at De Montfort University, and is working with other further and higher education institutions to broadcast to young people (primarily between the ages of 16 and 30) within Leicester. Output will include programming made by members of the target community, it will showcase creative talent, and include live events.

Finally, Kohinoor FM will serve the Panjabi speaking population of all ages and faiths (Hindu, Muslim and Sikh) within Leicester.

Ofcom has also decided at its recent RLC meeting not to award licences to The Sunflower FM, Panj Pani Radio and Peace Community Radio, all in Leicester.

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