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Twitter at the Radio Festival

Users of the SMS-based micro blogging service Twitter attending the Radio Festival are being urged to include a special tag in their tweets to communicate with fellow delegates.

Already people on route are including the special tag #radiofestival in their messages, and over the next few days the service will allow conference going radio folk to keep up-to-date and informed of a range of topics, including where the beers are being drunk and what the thoughts of the current sessions are.

Matt Deegan is the Creative Director at Folder Media, and he set up the tag: "I thought it would be fun to make something that told me where James Cridland was having a beer and to find out who had decamped to which hotel bar. Whether it'll have a practical radio use, only time will tell."

If you already use Twitter, simply send "follow radiofest08" to your usual Twitter gateway, and tag any messages you send with #radiofestival to be part of the 'gang'.

If you have never used Twitter before, you can either get involved by registering at Twitter.com, or jump in feet first by texting "follow radiofest08" to 07624801423 and following the sign-up instructions via your mobile phone.

RadioToday.co.uk is providing a full blogging experience which can be found at radiotoday.co.uk/glasgow and now includes a side-feed of recent tweets.

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