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Bigger is best for One Network

With the One Network looking likely to carved up into new networks and brands under the imminent rule of Global, GCap's local stations haven't fared too badly in the latest RAJAR figures.

Total reach across the network has increased by nearly 140,000 although half a million hours of listening have been lost.

The larger stations in the network performed reasonably well throughout the first six months of the year, with BRMB in Birmingham increasing both reach (419,000 to 424,000) and hours (6 to 6.7).

Red Dragon in Cardiff showed increases in average hours and share, while Essex FM increased its reach to 359,000 (from 320,000), its second highest in over four years.

Kent's Invicta FM also had a reasonable book – although reach dropped slightly (from 365,000 to 354,000), average listening increased by over quarter of a million hours, to increase market share from 9.90 to 10.8.

Other stations in the network fared less well, in particular Wyvern FM (reach and hours down, share down from 8.1 to 5.9) and GWR (reach, hours and share all down, nearly 300,000 hours of listening lost).

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