Choice PC made redundant

London newspaper New Nation has reported that Choice FM programme controller Ivor Etienne was one of the staff made redundant by GCap last week.
Radio Today understands from separate sources that more significant cuts are expected by staff as the IT, sales and HR operations of Global and GCap are merged once the buyout of GCap by Global is complete.

According to another story by the Guardian, the number of people to lose their jobs in the latest cuts is 160, over 10% of the company's total workforce.
Redundancies were widespread across various departments, including several deputy programme controllers and producers.
GCap announced the redundancies a fortnight ago as a reaction to "the credit crunch and the current economic downturn".
Previously it was expected job cuts would be less than 100, but sources have told the paper that the job cuts are already as high as 160, out of GCap's total staff contingent of 1,500.

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