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Radio 3 and 6 Music on the up

BBC Radio 3 is recovering from last quarters disappointing results, whilst BBC 6 Music has gained its fourth consecutive record reach – up on both year and quarter.

Radio 3, which plays a mixture of classical, jazz and world music, now reaches 1.91 million listeners every week (up from 1.78m last year and 1.80m last quarter) with a share of 1.2 per cent.

Jenny Abramsky, Director, BBC Audio & Music, said: "I'm delighted to see Radio 3 recovering both reach and share – it plays a unique role in shaping the national cultural agenda and is at the intellectual heart of the BBC.

BBC 6 Music posted its fourth consecutive record reach, with 551,000 listeners.

Elsewhere, BBC Radio 1 has lost almost half a million listeners this quarter, but still has an impressive 10.68 million listeners per week. Radio 2 is also down from 13.63 million to 13 million.

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