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Radio continues to influence

There is still a place for good old radio when it comes to discovering new music, according to new research revealed at the Radio Festival today.

People still regard radio as vital for stimulating music purchase too, Alison Winter from RadioCentre announced.

And despite the internet growing more popular for music downloading, 56 per cent of people questioned said the most important s
ource for hearing new music was on the radio, compared with only 17 per cent of people hearing new music for the first time online.

Is there still a role for radio stations and presenters to deliver new music to their audience? Steve Wright presented the new research to delegates at the Radio Festival.

Alison Winter is head of audience insight and said: "In general, the younger, more music-savvy listeners are likely to appreciate radio's role in introducing them to new music at any moment.; whereas older and /or less music-oriented listeners value radio's role in recommending and familiarising them with a track over time and reminding them of old favourites.

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